Camille A. Brown & Dancers


Washington D.C

The Kennedy Center

The New York Times

The New York Times


"Sleep No More" at The McKittrick Hotel


"Washington is a captivating performer, a formidable dancer who is also capable of carefully modulated expressions. In a tender duet with Butler, he ended standing over her as she lay on the ground, his stance and his face signaling a split within himself: threatening and protective at the same time."

The New Yorker


Creation of "Pavement" at Mancc

Jacobs Pillow Alumni


"Washington is commanding and edgy, while still incorporating his smoothness and gallantry into the choreography."

CityDance Ensemble-The Embassy of Finland


T.O.E.S for Dance


 "Miyesha McGriff shared some graceful moments with her partner (Maleek Washington) as they fluidly executed a series of balances and falls."

Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company


Refinery 29 "30 Under 30 NYC"


Loni Landon Projects


CityDance Conservatory MasterClass Q&A